Great workshop full of powerful information to put your business on the map!! I’m very glad I attended…I didn’t realize how much I didn’t know! Thanks Jim for sharing your time and talents!!
Andrea S

This was an excellent event. I have been to seminars on social media and web sites that cost from $100-300/ 8 hour day. None of those speakers, who where very qualified and excellent, but none of them gave me as much information as Jim Edenfield did in 6 Non stop Hours.  It was like drinking out of a Fire hose, there was so much information coming out. But Jim made sure every attendee got every drop of information and knowledge. He worked with each person individually if they missed something. His Power Point presentation was excellent, telling you what you where going to learn, then hands on doing it and finally reviewing what we had learned. Jim is a Master in this area.
If Jim holds another class I will be there. You should not miss the next class offered by Jim either. You will get unbelievable value.
Manfred C

Absolutely outstanding! Thank you Jim for your incredible investment of time and expertise. Strongly suggest hiring Jim for his expertise to expand your business through Social Marketing!
Katy F

It was a fabulously jam-packed day. Jim has the patience of Job and a passion for helping others. Great job, Jim and thank you
Cheri H


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